Activities & Tours

Don’t miss seeing anything while you are on the beautiful Espiritu Santo – Lonnoc Beach (of course), Champagne Beach (just a 10 minute walk), Hog Harbour Village, The Secret Garden, The Blue Lagoon, Port Olry, the many blue holes including Riri, Matevulu & Nanda, numerous World War II relics both in & out of the water.

We can organise fishing trips, snorkeling & diving tours. Or explore the pristine nature on the back of a horse!

See some of the Must Do Attractions below!

Relax, swim, snorkel, walk, explore…

Our pristine environment invites to a variety of activities, from simply relaxing, swimming or snorkeling at Lonnoc Beach to exploring the neighbouring village or Champagne beach, to hikes to the close by Blue holes.

There is a choice for everybody.

Kayaking tours

Our guests can use our kayaks for free and explore Hog Harbour by themselves, at a first come first serve basis.

Alternatively there are professional Kayaking tours available – 10% discount on ANY tour from the service linked below for guests staying at Lonnoc Eco Beach Bungalows.

For more details get in touch with Island Time Kayaking.

Deep Sea Fishing Adventures

Enjoy a fantastic day with some traditional fisherman in their local fishing boat. Catch deep sea fish up to 300 meters below the surface. Have a great day on the ocean with the guys who know how it is done. Experienced guides George Wass & his brother will show you how they fish – island style.

Minimum 2 guests.

Only 10,000 Vt per person (includes tackle & bait and lunch)

​Elephant Island Snorkelling & Seafood Picnic Lunch Tour

Enjoy the fun and adventures with local fisherman George who will take you on a 15 – 20 minute boat ride across to Elephant Island, where you will snorkel over the colourful coral and sea life in the crystal-clear waters of Lonnoc Bay.

Enjoy a local lunch with fresh seafood & fruit picnic on the beach and more snorkelling before your boat trip back to Lonnoc Beach.

Half Day 6,600 Vt per person

Full Day – Extras include Island walk, another snorkelling location & Champagne Beach 9,000 Vt per person.

Santo Horse Adventure

Megan Jane Moderan is the owner and operator of Santo Horse Adventure. She offers guided tours to see a beautiful part of Santo on horseback and at the same time provides a refuge for badly treated horses from around Vanuatu.

It’s around 7,000 Vt for the adventure per person but a big chunk goes into the care and rehabilitation, as well as providing a safe haven for over 30 horses.

Megan’s horse adventure tours go through various farmlands and forests providing background information along the way. Depending on the tide she also leads the tour through a mangrove covered spring into Surrender Bay that in itself is a breath-taking experience.

We are happy to organise tours or transfers to any of our sightseeing attractions on request.

Please contact us for more information or booking requests with the service providers mentioned above.