What makes us ‘Eco’?

26 Jan 2020 | Ecological, News

We are called Lonnoc ‘Eco’ Beach Bungalows because:


  • We are solar powered and have applied for a bigger solar installation to cover our Tourism and Hospitality School as well as offer more power to the bungalows, huts and restaurant.
  • We are environmentally aware and protect our native eco system. We do not encourage hunting of coconut crabs and other such beings.
  • We have recently introduced composting system to make compost out of all our kitchen scarps that will be use dn our gardens.
  • Our huts are made of natural material and Natangura thatch roofs which keep them cool and authentic.
  • We offer organic, seasonal and locally grown, vegetables, fruits, fresh seafood and local organic beef.
  • We are constantly educating our staff to keep the place clean by regular and responsible removal of rubbish. We do our best to remove the rubbish responsibly and follow the current recycling system in Espiritu Santo.
  • We keep our beaches and ocean clean of all rubbish to preserve the ocean life and make it pleasant for all our guests.
  • We want to leave our mother earth a better place than we found it.

If you love to stay with us and support us please book here. Feel free to ask any questions you have through Contact Us.

Thank you