Corona Virus Precautions at Lonnoc Eco Beach Bungalows


We would like to assure all our guests that we are taking appropriate and stern measures to ensure safety for everyone at our bungalows due to the outbreak of Corona Virus world wide. All our staff is anyway trained to wash hands several times especially before touching any food. But in today’s challenging times they are are asked to do it even more often. Hand sanitizers are being put in place for all to use. We are making sure all kitchen area and dining area is cleaned multiple times which is a part of daily practice anyway. If anyone is feeling unwell or sick is asked to stay home and isolate them from othes until better. We want our guests to feel safe and looked after at our place. Below is a link to our blog post on how to improve your immue system to prevent getting infected. Please share with your family and  friends:

Ayurvedic wisdom for a strong immune system

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