New beginnings

20 Nov 2019 | News

After meeting and hosting Manasi and Dieter who visited us in 2017 already we decided to corporate with them.

Manasi has helped us to improve our menu and dishes to cater for various tastes and requirements. She will also be the contact person to manage all bookings and be available for all related questions. Dieter is helping with all technical aspects and has created this website, including the booking system as well as helped with the set-up of all other booking related services.

They inspired us to expand our focus to our environment and improve our care in minimizing our impact. Hence we will conduct regular cleaning events to collect and recycle all rubbish from the environment keeping it as pristine as possible for all to enjoy. As well as improving our energy impact to be fully covered by a photo voltaic (solar) system. Besides reducing our carbon footprint further will allow us to improve our services to our clients.

As a result we also changed our name from Lonnoc Beach Bungalows to Lonnoc Eco Beach Bungalows!